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Di Natura Ceramic Tiles

Mono Serra Group is proud to bring its elegant, high definition line of Italian-made floor tiles to North American retailers and consumers: Di Natura.

Di Natura’s stylish designs are created using a modern and far superior digital tile printing technology. This allows us to offer you a full line of affordable, ultra-realistic stone-like tiles that are almost indistinguishable from the genuine thing.

Older tile glazing techniques like screen printing have their limitations. Low resolutions and limited pattern variations produced a tile that clearly lacked the realism of the natural material it was meant to imitate. These contact printing methods also led to tile breakage, resulting in both monetary and material waste.

Mono Serra Group’s digital tile printing process, however, is one of the industry’s most advanced yet cost-effective tile glazing technologies. Similar to that of today’s computer inkjet printers, designs are sprayed onto the surface of the tile as a series of very fine, closely-spaced dots. This technique provides us with substantial advantages over older glazing methods.

So why should you choose Mono Serra Group’s
Di Natura line of digital tiles?

Our tiles are created with technologically advanced, high resolution printers.
Digital tile printing offers far greater design quality and flexibility. Mono Serra Group uses some of the industry’s most advanced commercial printers, and a series of 24 industrial printheads, to apply a durable and high resolution design onto our tiles. The tile patterns in our standard production line, for instance, contain up to 252dpi (dots-per-inch) to ensure maximum realism. Our non-contact, single-pass process also reduces the chances of tile damage or breakage since no printing mechanism comes into contact with the tile. This results in less waste, higher yields, and lower production costs.

We produce lifelike stone designs with higher color and pattern variations.
Older glazing methods create either a single design pattern or a very low number of variations, leading to high design repetition. When identical or similar tiles are placed next to each other, the aesthetic of the floor design is ruined. Mono Serra Group, however, takes advantage of the digital printing process to offer ultra-realistic designs with 28 different tile patterns and much wider color and shade variations. And since the design is sprayed on, we also have the ability to print onto textured surfaces and tile borders.

Strong commitment to the environment.
Ceramiche Serra SpA, our Italian business partners and tile manufacturers, strictly adheres to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards. The company uses local raw materials that support local industries and economies. It recuperates 38% of its production components through a recycling program at a nearby facility, thus minimizing its CO2 emissions. The crushed, recycled components are then transformed into raw material and mixed with raw material clay for production of the tile body. Ceramiche Serra SpA also uses filters on all its kilns to capture emissions before they are released into the air, ensuring that the region’s environmental integrity remains intact.

The results are unmistakable. Di Natura by Mono Serra Group is a cut above its competition. Our tiles are not only elegant and stylish, but also durable and functional. Take one look and you will notice that our vibrant and ultra-realistic stone-like tiles are second only to nature itself.